“We’re always at the end of the phone. Please give us a call on 0203 302 6656 with any enquiries, and to start the process of finding your dream home.”

“We’re always at the end of the phone. Please give us a call on 0203 302 6656 with any enquiries, and to start the process of finding your dream home.”

Landlord Case Study

Landlord Case Study – The Empty Room Syndrome

Our client had a massive portfolio of properties – over 10 – and was investing heavily in refurbishing these assets. But the properties weren’t being rented out fast enough, so he was in desperate need of guidance.

And on top of that, there were those regular headaches of working with difficult agents, and poor quality tenants, who never quite told him the whole story…

This was a recipe for stress and sleepless nights – losing income and their return on investment, left, right and centre.

Property Hunters approached the landlord, based on their most recent online posting, and we were at the property within 1h. Within the next hour, we had advertised them online, and within 2 days, we had a good quality, reliable tenant.

We manage their portfolio through a combination of Tenant-Find and full property management – depending on what’s needed. We go through all the tenant applications and reference together, to ensure that we are working towards a common goal.

The results?

We now look after 4 of the landlord’s properties – they’re filled with great tenants, and our tenant retention rate is high. 1 tenant has been with the landlord for over 5 years!

We are quick, honest and don’t hold on to our landlord’s rent (something that is sadly a problem in our profession).

Rents are paid on time, and we have our in-house maintenance team, who manages all those niggling problems – leaving our landlord without the added hassle.

And we plan ahead. As soon as a tenant announces they’re moving out, we have tenants lined up, so we never leave our client with a vacant property.

Landlord Case Study – The Last Straw

After years of being let down by agents making promises they couldn’t deliver, this landlord was at breaking point.

The last experience was the last straw – his 3-bed property had been split into 2 flats, which the tenant had gone on to sub-let.

Needless to say, this was extremely frustrating.

It was the latest in a long line of issues – damaged property, neighbours’ complaints and losing the rental income, so he had to cover the mortgage himself.

Property Hunters saw his advert for tenants online and approached him, to provide a much better solution.

Initially, we spoke with the landlord’s daughter – she was managing these properties, and had to bear the brunt of the problems.

We immediately hit it off – we knew exactly what it was like, having been landlords ourselves, and dealing with our fair share of dodgy tenants! And the headaches that go with it!

The landlord took us up on our initial Tenant-Find Service, in order to get a feel for the Property Hunters experience.

After taking an initial look around the property, we arranged 2 rounds of block viewings throughout the week, and within that week, found them a new tenant.

We dealt with all the paperwork and references, and this tenant has now been with the landlord for 7 years.

As the landlord and his family were confident in what Property Hunters could do, our relationship grew, and we moved on to full property management for their portfolio.

We are delighted to manage 2 of their properties, as well as the portfolios of their friends and colleagues.

The results?

Each property we manage has had the same tenant for 7 years. Rent is paid on time, and we even successfully negotiated a rent increase on their behalf.

Their phone has stopped ringing with complaints about noisy neighbours, and we’re honoured to not only be able to call them great clients, but also great friends.