Complaints Procedure

1. Initially, please contact the Director who will aim to resolve any grievances directly.

2. If the complaint is about the Director, or you do not feel comfortable speaking to them, your complaint should be referred to The Customer Relations Team.

3. All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days, and a copy of this Complaints Procedure will be provided.

4. If the complaint was in writing, a written response will be provided within 15 working days. Telephone complaints may be dealt with by telephone if straightforward, however a written response will be provided for complex or multiple issues.

5. If this remains unresolved, The Customer Relations Team will investigate your complaint referring to the records and conducting interviews with the relevant individuals. They will also contact you if necessary. You will be advised of the outcome within 15 working days.

6. Further communication between you and the Customer Relations Team may be necessary to resolve your concerns however, if an agreement cannot be reached, the Customer Relations Team will issue a final viewpoint letter.

7. Once a final viewpoint letter has been issued, you may refer the matter to The Property Ombudsman within 12 months of the date of our final viewpoint letter. Their contact details are as follows:

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street
Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2BP
Tel: 01722 333306
Fax: 01722 332296